We all have a role to play in preserving our environment. At FREDERIKA MILANO, we want to take it a step further,  as we are thinking about the future generations. It is our duty to create clothes that respect the environment. The same rule applies to human rights: it is our responsibility to make sure that every single person working under the FREDERIKA MILANO brand is respected and appreciated for his/her work, engagement and dedication.
Each step of the process is a reflection of our commitment and respect towards our planet, our employees and our clients.
Sustainability – Our packaging is 100% plastic-free. We care about our fur friends; that’s why we have excluded the use of animal furs & leather in our clothes. We do our best to select sustainable fabrics by up-cycling as much fabric as we can in our production.
Human Rights & Labour Code – We think about every step of the production process when designing clothes, and our Human Rights & Labour Code is something we are meticulous about. We make sure that each employee involved in the production process of FREDERIKA MILANO clothes is given fair compensation while working in a healthy environment.
Ecological Impact FREDERIKA MILANO is a European based company, and we are proud to say that all of our clothes are made in France, limiting the negative ecological impact of worldwide import.
Gender Equality – At FREDERIKA MILANO, everybody is treated equally. Gender-based discrimination is completely unacceptable, and we do everything we can do ensure that none of our employees have to deal with it.
Body Positivity – Body inclusion is something you will always find at FREDERIKA MILANO. We design for women of all shapes and sizes.